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Bottom Bracket Bearings

Bearing Type
Durability *
star = least
price = least
speed = least
sealing = least


OEM Replacement. Best economical cost vs durability.  Use for riding conditions that warrant frequent bearing replacement.

starstarstar price speedspeed sealingsealingsealingsealing

Angular Contact

Best all-around bearing. Good mix of low cost, durability and performance.

starstarstarstarstar priceprice speedspeedspeed sealingsealingsealingsealing


Better than OEM quality.

starstarstarstar priceprice speedspeedspeed sealingsealingsealingsealing

Ceramic Hybrid

Fast bearing. Increased durability. Higher cost.

starstarstarstar pricepricepriceprice speedspeedspeedspeed sealingsealingsealingsealing

ZERO Ceramic

Fastest bearing, least amount of drag. Lighter seals require more frequent service. Best used as a "race day" bearing.

starstarstar pricepricepricepriceprice speedspeedspeedspeedspeed sealingsealing
* Expected life of bottom bracket bearings depends on many factors.  Wheels Mfg BB bearings require maintenance and replacement once worn.  Moisture, dirt or other contamination inclusion in bearings are not covered under WARRANTY.

What are angular contact bearings?

Angular Contact bearings are specifically designed for hubs, bottom brackets and headsets. In standard radial bearings, only 3 or 4 balls make contact with the inner and outer race during the load, at any given time. In angular contact bearings, each ball inside the bearing is in contact with both the inner and outer race at all times. This spreads both radial and axial forces over a larger surface area, decreasing friction, and minimizing wear. Angular contact bearings are direction-specific, installed with the red seal facing outwards, and require 3-5Nm of pre-load on the inner race.

What are ABEC ratings?

Generally, the higher the ABEC number, the higher the quality of the bearing. An ABEC rating is based on many measurements of a bearing, including the tolerances of the inner and outer races, the roundness of the balls, how true the races are, surface finish and noise of the bearing at high RPMs. Enduro angular contact, ceramic hybrid and ZERØ Ceramic bearings are all ABEC-5 rated.

What are Ceramic Hybrid Bearings?

Enduro ceramic hybrid and ZERØ Ceramic bearings have ceramic balls with steel races.

  • Ceramic Hybrid bearings have Grade 5 Si3n4 ceramic balls with ABEC 5 52100 high carbon chromium steel races. High precision balls are within 5/1,000,000″ round, 60% lighter weight, and 7 times harder than steel. Bearing seals are dual lip, groove type silicone seals. One lip to keep the dirt out and the other to keep the grease inside.
  • ZERØ Ceramic bearings have Grade 3 Si3n4 ceramic balls with ABEC 5 52100 high carbon chromium steel races that are treated with a black oxide coating, polished to a mirror finish, the heat treated for hardness. High precision balls are within 3/1,000,000″ round, 60% lighter weight, and 7 times harder than steel. Bearing seals are silicone VV seals, which is the lightest drag seal available on the market. This bearing is built for raw speed.

What grease to use in bottom bracket bearings?

  • For our ABEC 3 bearings, Enduro uses an extra high pressure grease, Mobil XHP 222, which is an excellent and clean rolling grease and which also features great water displacement characteristics. Well suited to any and all bikes and riding conditions.
  • For ceramic hybrid, stainless steel, Abec 5 angular contact, and Abec 5 radial bearings Enduro uses Kluber 72-72. This grease only runs better and smoother with time and is highly resistant to being washed out.
  • For extreme or wet conditions, Enduro recommends CRC Marine grease for ultimate water protection.

For more information about Enduro Bearings, visit the Enduro website: endurobearings.com