Enduro 24.07x37 Ceramic Hybrid Sealed Bearing For FSA

Enduro 24.07x37 Ceramic Hybrid sealed bearing for FSA cranks with slightly oversized spindle diameter at 24.07mm. There are many FSA cranksets that were manufactured with a spindle diameter of 24.07mm. This becomes a problem when attempting to use a bottom bracket with standard 24X37 bearings. Trying to force an FSA crank with a 24.07mm spindle through a 24X37 bearing will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, and will most likely result in bearing failure and the bearing becoming stuck on the crank spindle.

Yes, 0.07mm makes a difference. If you have an FSA crankset with a 24.07mm spindle, please contact (customerservice@wheelsmfg.com) or call (1-800-361-8422) for bearing availability.

Do not buy this bearing if you don't have an FSA crank with 24.07 spindle diameter!

  • Dimensions: OD: 37mm / ID: 24.07mm / Width: 7mm
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Enduro Ceramic Sealed Bearings


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  • OD: 37mm
  • ID: 24.07mm
  • Width: 7mm
  • Seals: LLB Type, Silicone

Ceramic Hybrid ABEC-5 Grade

ABEC-5 tolerances and LLB seals with Graphite Nylon retainers are premium features that are not available on other ceramic hybrid bearings at two or even five times the cost. Oversized Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Grade 5 balls and cryogenic treatment of the ABEC-5 races ensure long lasting, smooth rolling bearings at great value. 60% lighter weight and 7 times harder than steel, friction is reduced to near zero. Resistance to heat is 8 times greater than that of steel, while tougher and less brittle than other ceramic materials.

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