BB Cup Spacers For Specialized Carbon Frame

Widens 61mm wide Specialized Carbon OSBB frame BB shells for use with Pressfit 30 bottom brackets. Place one 3.5mm BB cup spacer between each bottom bracket cup and the frame when installing the bottom bracket. Additional crank spindle spacers included to fine-tune any crankset fitment play.

  • Includes 2 - 3.5mm bottom bracket cup spacers (46mm ID)
  • Includes 4 - .5mm crank spindle spacers (24mm ID)
  • Includes 2 - 1.0mm crank spindle spacers (24mm ID)

Machined engineering-grade Delrin.

Precision Machined

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If the bearing cups are already in the frame, remove them by tapping out from the inside with a large wooden dowel or flat-ended punch. Be careful to push on the bearing cups and not the bearings themselves. Once the cups are removed, simply install a 3.5mm spacer on each side between the bottom bracket cups and bottom bracket shell, then press the cups into the BB and install the cranks.

We recommend using a SRAM press fit bottom bracket instead of the standard Specialized BB to ensure correct chainline.

In some cases, it might be necessary to use one or more of the included Wheels Mfg. CRANK-SPC spacers to adjust the chainline.

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