Wholesale Account Information

Important notice for distributors, retailers and resellers - Products purchased for sale to unauthorized re-sellers are not covered by the Wheels Manufacturing guarantee or warranty service.



If you are an independent specialty bicycle retailer that wants to purchase our products for Authorized re-sale to consumers, please contact us by email or phone and we will assist you in activating your online account.



If your company is interested in distributing Wheels Manufacturing products to independent specialty bicycle retailers and/or Wheels Mfg. Authorized re-sellers please contact us for information on conditions and available territories.



Wheels Mfg. has worked with many manufacturers and is happy to quote any special run or job type you may have.  If you are a manufacturer looking to purchase our product for OEM use or need a production run quote, please contact us by email or phone.


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To further our continued support of independent bicycle dealers, to encourage our dealers to effectively promote sales and service of our products, and to preserve the image and value offered by our products, Wheels Manufacturing Inc. has unilaterally adopted the following policies for all resellers of Wheels Manufacturing Inc. products.

No Auction Site Sales:

Web sites can be a valuable tool for retailers to establish an online presence, promote their stores and better connect with and serve their customers. Recently, however, we have seen a rapid growth in the use of anonymous "auction" sites to sell bicycles and accessories products. These anonymous retail sites do not help retailers build either their customer loyalty or a distinctive brand image for their store, and they offer consumers nothing in the way of customer service. The only “brand” that benefits from anonymous online sales is the auction site itself. Auction sites turn bicycle products into mere commodities, and in doing so, harm Wheels Manufacturing Inc., our vendors, our customers, retail consumers and the health of our industry.

Prohibited Sales Strategies:

Wheels Manufacturing Inc. may not be advertised or sold using "make an offer" or "price matching" sales strategies. Our products may not be included in any coupon, discount, or offer that in effect reduces the price below our Minimum MSRP. These strategies include, but are not limited to, offering a percentage discount on a purchase over a certain dollar level, or combining our products with other items where the resulting "package" price is only slightly over our Minimum MSRP. Dealers who want to use these promotional strategies must exclude Wheels Manufacturing Inc. products from their advertising. Wheels Manufacturing Inc. products may be discounted up to 10% for special promotions, for a maximum period of 2 weeks. Wheels Manufacturing Inc. reserves the right to restrict sales to a dealer who violates either the letter or spirit of this policy.

Independence of Determination of Prices and Margins by Dealers:

All dealers are free to independently determine their own retail prices and margins. Wheels Manufacturing Inc. does not seek and will not accept any agreement with any dealer regarding either their retail pricing or their adherence to our pricing policy.

Wheels Manufacturing Inc.'s Control of Product:

Wheels Manufacturing Inc. has the legal right to unilaterally cease sales of our products at any time and for any reason, without prior notice to the dealer. Wheels Manufacturing Inc. has unilaterally determined that is will cease to sell products to dealers who choose to advertise or sell Wheels Manufacturing Inc. products at prices below suggested Minimum MSRP, or in violation of our other policies.

Use of Trademarks and Logos:

Any dealer who complies with these policies may use our trademarks, trade names, and logos in print advertising or on the Internet to advertise that Wheels Manufacturing Inc. are available for sale or delivery at the dealers physical retail location. Unauthorized or inappropriate use of our logos, trademarks or other intellectual property (such as the use of our images on auction sites) may result restriction of your ability to purchase Wheels Manufacturing Inc. products or closure of your account. All trademarks, trade names, logos and other intellectual property remain the exclusive property of Wheels Manufacturing Inc.

Effective Date: September 20, 2014.