Bearing Technical Help

Removing Bearings

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Step 1

To remove sealed bearings you will need the correct size extractor, 8mm & 10mm wrenches (for small sized extractors) or 13mm and 1” wrenches (for large sized extractors), hammer and punch.


Bearing Extractor Step 1

Step 2

The correct size extractor will fit snugly into the inner diameter (I.D.) of the sealed bearing you wish to extract.
Bearing Extractor Step 2

Step 3

Place extractor into I.D. of sealed bearing until it seats flush with the shoulder of the extractor.
 Bearing Extractor Step 3

Step 4

Tighten nut with wrench while securing extractor with other wrench. Tighten nut until the extractor is firmly in place within the i.d. of the sealed bearing.
 Bearing Extractor Step 4

Step 5

Once the extractor is secured, align a punch with back side of the extractor.
Bearing Extractor Step 5 

Step 6

Gently tap on the punch until bearing is removed along with the extractor.
 Bearing Extractor Step 6

Step 7

The bearing is now removed. Install new sealed bearings  with a Wheels Mfg PRESS-1 or PRESS-4.
 Bearing Extractor Step 7


Installing Bearings

Installation of bearings depends on the type of bearing (sealed, retainer, or loose), and where the bearing is pressed in to. Please see our Tools Technical Help section for information.

Bearing FAQs

Can I service sealed bearings?

Yes. All of the Enduro sealed bearings we offer can be serviced. Simply remove the seals with a knife, clean and rinse the bearing with a de-greaser or solvent to remove all contamination and old grease. Pack the bearing with new grease and re-install seals.