Shimano Rear Cone Sampler *DISCONTINUED*


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Cleaning up our old, discontinued cone inventory. One box of assorted, discontinued cones for Shimano rear hubs. 105 total cones. Perfect for a busy repair shop that needs the odd cone or two.

Includes the following cones:

SKU Thread Length Diameter Notes QTY
CN-R012 10mm x 1 12.7mm 16.9mm Right, rear 8
CN-R023 10mm x 1 12.7mm 16.9mm Left, rear 9
CN-R026 10mm x 1 13.4mm 15.8mm DEORE XT 732 Left, rear 12
CN-R059 10mm x 1 9mm 17mm DEORE XT 737 Right, rear 21
CN-R061 10mm x 1 12.7mm 16.9mm DEORE LX 563 Left, rear 30
CN-R067 10mm x 1 15.1mm 16.9mm Alivio, HB-RA50, FH-RM50, Exage Left, rear  5
CN-R095 10mm x 1 16mm 17mm 105 FH-5500 Left, rear 1
CN-R103 10mm x 1 13.5mm 17mm Ultegra HB-6500 Right, rear 4
CN-R104 10mm x 1 16.0mm 17mm Ultegra HB-6500 Left, rear 1
CN-R109 10mm x 1 16.0mm 17mm TIAGRA 4400 Left, rear 14


Only 1 sampler available. We will not separate anything from this. Please reference the cone chart below for detailed information about each cone.


Wheels Mfg recommends that you work with your Local Bike Shop to find the correct cone. All cone sales are final: No returns!

Precision Machined


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