BB86/92 ZERØ Ceramic BB for 24/22mm (SRAM) Cranks - Red


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BB InstallationOur original BB86/92 bottom bracket is a significant upgrade to any OEM BB86 bottom bracket. Two machined aluminum cups offer increased durability and bearing life, while keeping a simple press together method for installation and maintenance. This means no more creaking, smoother operation, longer bearing life, and really quick bearing replacement.

Direct replacement for all BB86/92 bottom brackets!


Precision Machined in the USA!


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  • Bearings: Enduro ZERØ Ceramic
  • Color: Red
  • Bottom Bracket/Frame Interface: BB86, BB92
  • Bottom Bracket Shell Width (mm): 86mm - 92mm
  • Bottom Bracket Shell I.D.: 41mm
  • Crank Spindle Type: GXP (SRAM, Truvativ, Etc.)
  • Crank Spindle Diameter: 22/24mm
  • Weight: 101g
  • Packaged for retail display

Bearing Info

Enduro ZERØ Ceramic Bearings

The ZERØ ceramic bearings have ceramic balls and steel races.  The balls are Grade 3, Silicon Nitride (Si3n4).  These are the roundest balls you can buy without a military license.  The races are treated with a black oxide coating, which helps prevent rusting in the bearing. The races are then reground to a mirror finish after this treatment. Finally, they are cryogenically treated for strength before assembly. We also use Silicone VV seals, which is the lightest drag seal available on the market.

Si3N4 balls with 52100 High carbon Chromium Alloy Races with Cryogenic Treatment:
 Cryogenic treatment takes the races down to minus three hundred degree Fahrenheit to normalize the crystalline structure of the material so the races will resist the hardness of the ceramic balls and get the maximum wear potential

  • ABEC-5 rated Ceramic Hybrid bearing with Grade 3 balls
  • Cryogenically treated races will outlast any other bearing on the market
  • Dual lip, groove type seals keep dirt out and 90% fill rate grease in
  • Rheolube special synthetic grease is long lasting and protects against contamination
  • USA made balls are micro-coated with long lasting protection from friction

We back them up with a 1 year warranty.*


Required Tools

  • (PRESS-7) Universal Bottom Bracket Press



Wheels Mfg BB86/92 with Enduro bearings removal instructions (BB86/92-BB, BB86/92-AC, BB86/92-CER)
  • Download BB86 Install/Maintenance Instructions as PDF
  1. Remove crankset per manufacturer instructions
  2. If using adapters, remove each adapter from bottom bracket bearings. Some adapters can be pulled out by hand. If needed, use a punch and tap on the adapter from the opposite side of the bottom bracket
  3. Use a large punch, or headset removal tool, and place end of punch so it is pressed up against the back side of the bearing seat (red area behind bearing as shown in photo)
  4. Tap cup out using hammer. Force needed to remove will vary from frame to frame (Hint: the closer to the bottom bracket you can clamp the bike in your work stand, the easier it is.)
  5. Repeat process for other cup
  6. Clean and inspect bottom bracket. Remove any grease/dirt and prep for installation

PF30 removal


Directly replaces all OEM BB86/92 bottom brackets.

Compatible with the following Bottom Bracket Standards:

  • BB86
  • BB92
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