We are no longer selling spokes and nipples direct on our website. Please email us for your spoke and nipple needs. Minimum 20 spokes per order.

We currently have the following Sapim spokes:

  • CX-Ray, J-Bend, Silver (188mm - 310mm)
  • CX-Ray J-Bend, Black (188mm - 310mm)
  • Leader Straight-Pull, Black (135mm - 310mm)
  • Leader J-Bend, Silver or Black (135mm - 310mm)
  • Race J-Bend, Silver or Black (135mm - 310mm)

We currently have a few lengths of the following spokes:

  • Sapim Laser J-Bend in silver or black
  • CX-Ray Straight-Pull in silver or black
  • WheelSmith DB14 spokes

Available Sapim nipples:

  • Brass PolyAx SecureLock, silver or black
  • Alloy PolyAx SecureLock, silver or black
  • Brass PolyAx, silver or black
  • Alloy PolyAx, silver, black, blue, gold
  • 14g Inverted Nipple

Other Items:

  • Spoke head washers
  • Large oval nipple washers
  • Small oval nipple washers
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