Wheels Manufacturing cones are precision machined to Shimano Ultegra or higher quality standards. This ensures that our cones fit correctly, run smoothly and have a long service life.

Wheels Mfg recommends that you work with your Local Bike Shop to find the correct cone. All cone sales are final: No returns!

  • Compatible with Shimano Rear 10mm x 1 axle
  • Shimano Left Rear Cone
  • Cone Wrench Size: 15mm
  • 1 cone per bag

Precision Machined

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Shimano Left Rear

  • Threads: 10mm x 1
  • Cone Diameter: 17.0mm
  • Dust Seal Diameter: 25.5mm
  • Length: 16.0mm
  • Cone Wrench Size: 15mm

Compatible Hubs:

  • XT M737, 8-spd Rear
  • STX-RC MC38, 8-spd Rear
  • STX/STX-RC MC30/32/33, 7-spd Rear
  • Alivio MC18, 8-spd Rear
  • Alivio MC12, 7-spd Rear
  • Acera-X MC290, 7-spd Rear
  • Altus RM-40, 7-spd Rear
  • FH-R080 Silent Hub, 8-spd Rear
  • FH-R050 Silent Hub, 7-spd Rear
  • Cone Wrench Size: 15mm
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