Wheels Manufacturing cones are precision machined to Shimano Ultegra or higher quality standards. This ensures that our cones fit correctly, run smoothly and have a long service life.

Wheels Mfg recommends that you work with your Local Bike Shop to find the correct cone. All cone sales are final: No returns!

  • Shimano rear cones fit 10mm diameter axles
  • Shimano front cones fit 9mm diameter axles
  • Taiwanese cones fit 9mm, 9.5mm, and 10mm diameter axles
  • Note: there are some exceptions – use your old cones for reference.

If you cannot find an exact fit cone from our hub/cone charts, you will need to measure your existing cone and axle to find an approximate fit. Measure your axle thread size, the cones outer diameter and overall length. Undersized cones can be used if you find a cone close to your original. You can also add axle spacers to take up any spacing issues if you are forced to use a narrower cone.

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