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Wheels Mfg offers 200+ different hangers to fit over 6,000 bicycles dating back to 1991.

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Why buy your hangers direct from Wheels Mfg?

  • Manufacturer Direct: 100% USA production right here in our factory

  • Market Dominance: World's leading manufacturer of high quality replacement derailleur hangers

  • Our Promise to You: 100% guarantee your hanger works

  • Unparalleled Selection: Over 200 different hangers in stock fitting over 6,000 bicycles from 1991 to today

  • In stock:  Ready to ship

  • LIVE Tech Help: We're here to help if you need it


Thinking of buying your hanger online from Amazon,, or another reseller?

Wheels Manufacturing does not have an store or any affiliation with re-sellers. Warranty or fit problems will have to be handled by the reseller you purchase from. Wheels Mfg only directly handles warranty or fit problems for orders placed directly through us, or through your local bicycle shop.

Wheels Mfg strongly recommends a professional install our hangers and adjust your system.

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