BB30 Outboard Bottom Brackets

PF30 Outboard Bottom Bracket

Threaded design = easy install and removal. 2 models available for 24mm Shimano and 22/24mm GXP cranks - compatible WITHOUT adapters. Fits 68-73mm width shells.

Why choose a Wheels Mfg BB30 Outboard Bottom Bracket?

  • Eliminates the need for adapters.
  • USA machined aluminum shell is superior in function and durability to plastic.
  • Double lip seals on all bearings with high fill rate of top quality grease, appropriate for use in bottom brackets.
  • Threaded design eliminates creaking.
  • Serviceable bearings.
  • Dual silicone exterior seal keeps the gunk out for long life.
  • Unique co-op opportunity with Enduro bearings allows us exclusive use of their bearing technology. Combined with our superior US based machining = really good BB!

All Wheels Manufacturing bottom brackets are 100% compatible and safe for use in ALL carbon frames!

BB30-OUT Tech Info


Wheels Mfg. PF30-OUT and BB30-OUT bottom bracket installation.

Installation, Removal and Service Instructions (pdf)

BB30 vs PF30?


BB30-OUT Warranty/Exchange

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