24mm Outer Silicone Seal for Bottom Brackets (each)



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Outer silicone dust seal for Wheels Mfg BB86/92, PF30-OUT, BB30-OUT, EBB, BB-ROAD, BB-MTN bottom brackets.

Note: Install seals with rubber-side facing away from bearing.

  • 24mm ID for Drive-Side cup (Both Shimano and SRAM)
  • 24mm ID for Non-Drive Side cup with 24mm crank spindle (Shimano, FSA, etc)
  • Sold Individually



With crankset removed from bike, outer silicone dust seals fit directly over the bottom bracket cup bearings. No tools are required to install or remove them.

  • Install outer seal with rubber side facing outwards.
  • Do not install any spacers or washers between seal and bearing.


Fits the following bottom brackets:

BB30 Outboard Bottom BracketPF30 Outboard Bottom BracketStandard Threaded Outboard Cup Bottom BracketBB86/92 Bottom BracketEccentric BBsBBRight Bottom BracketsFat Bike Bottom Brackets

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