BB30 / PF30 Universal Adapters

Universal Adapters are available individually for Shimano, 24mm spindle or SRAM/Truvativ cranks. Each one-bike package includes enough spacers for virtually any BB30/PF30 conversion, including Cannondale BB30a. (Compatible with BB30/PF30 bottom bracket shells from 68mm to 83mm in width.)

Unversal Adapters are also available in a convenient shop kit that converts up to 8 bikes. Extra spacers and wave washers are included for use on additional conversions and for chainline adjustments and crank spacing. An adapter puller is included with each kit to help remove the adapters from the 6806 bearings.

The BB30/PF30 Universal Adapter Kit is a life saver for busy service departments that never know what type of bike will be coming in the door.

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