Presta Stem Savers

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Presta valve saver for use in schraeder valve rim. Adapts presta valve tube to fit in schraeder-drilled rim. Helps prevent valve breakage

Part No: Description
PSS-1 Short (11mm) - 2/bag
PSS-1-10 Short (11mm) - 10/bag
PSS-CARD Short (11mm) - 12pr POP Display Card
PSS-2 Long (15mm) - 2/bag


Precision Machined

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For using presta valve tubes in schraeder drilled rims. Stem savers mount from the inside of the rim, with flange securing the stem saver from falling through rim hole.

  1. Remove innertube from wheel/rim
  2. Insert Presta Stem Saver through the valve stem hole as shown
  3. Insert tube in to Presta Stem Saver
  4. Mount and inflate tire
PSS-1 in rim 

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