Aero Rim Nipple Driver



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This light weight, easy-to-use tool replaces screwdriver or nipple driver when building deep rim aero wheels. Allows tightening as far as necessary, eliminating the need for pre-tensioning. Works with any spoke nipple.



  1. 1)  Hold bottom of nipple driver (BLACK PART) firmly while twisting the top of the tool (SILVER PART) in a counterclockwise direction. This will line up the three ridges, on the bottom of the tool, in the same direction.

  2. 2)  Line up the groove on the top of the spoke nipple with the ridges on the bottom of the nipple driver.

  3. 3)  Twist the bottom and the top of the tool in opposite directions. This will engage the spring in the bottom of the tool. The nipple is now held tightly in the tool.

  4. 4)  Release the nipple by repeating step 1 or by twisting the spoke nipple tightly onto the spoke. The spring will release itself once the nipple is fairly tight.