PRESS-1 & PRESS-4 Replacement Rod

Replacement rod for our Large Sealed Bearing Press (PRESS-1) and Economy Bearing Press (PRESS-4). Primarily designed for pressing bearings into hubs. To replace your rod in our PRESS-1, first you will need to remove the flat head screw from the fixed handle and remove the rod from the handle. Thread new rod into handle and re-install the flat head screw.

  • 3/8" x 12 Threaded Rod
  • 8.75" length
  • One end is drilled and tapped for M5x12 flat head screw to secure fixed-end handle to rod
  • Does not include screw - re-use existing screw


Note: This not a replacement for our Universal Bottom Bracket Press (PRESS-7).

Precision Machined

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  • Large Sealed Bearing Press (PRESS-1)
  • Economy Bearing Press (PRESS-4).