Direct replacement parts for Shimano and non-Shimano hubs. If you know the model name or model number of your Shimano hub, you can find the parts you need on our Shimano Hub Parts Page. If you are unsure of the parts you need, or need a better understanding of how to identify replacement parts, please refer to the technical information below:


  • Diameters:
    • Measured over the threads. Currently available in 9mm, 9.5mm (3/8") and 10mm diameters
  • Thread Pitch:
    • TPI - Threads Per Inch (Typical for Campagnolo, Taiwanese and BMX hubs)
    • 1mm - Millimeters per thread. (Typical for Shimano hubs)
  • Length:
    • Road Frame Spacing (rear):
      • 120mm: 5 speed
      • 126mm: 6,7 speed
      • 130mm: 8,9,10,11 speed
    • MTB Frame Spacing (rear):
      • 130mm: 7 speed
      • 135mm: 8,9,10 speed
    • Track Frame Spacing (rear):
      • 120mm
    • Front Fork Spacing:
      • 100mm
    • Tandem Frame Spacing (rear):
      • 140mm
      • 145mm
      • 160mm
    • Hollow axles, for quick release skewers, are usually 11 mm longer than the hub/frame spacing, so that 5.5 mm of axle sticks out past the ends of the locknuts.
    • Solid axles, also known as Nutted or Bolt-On, are typically 45-55mm longer than the hub/frame spacing. The axle may extend beyond the outside axle nuts.

Our axles will note the overall length, thread pitch and whether they are solid or hollow.

Hub Axle Help Chart

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Need help measuring your axles? Use our Benchtop Cone and Axle Gauge/Ruler.



Cones are a bit more difficult to find the proper replacement if you do not know your hub model.

  • Measure the diameter and the length of the cone. All Wheels Mfg cones list these dimensions.
  • Axle diameter/pitch. Need to measure with a known axle. If it threads on, it fits!
  • Seals or no seals? Cones that have a dust/grease seal will have a groove in it. If our Wheels Mfg cone does not come with a seal, please remove the seal from your existing cone
  • Please note that most rear hubs use different cones for the right (drive side) and the left (non-drive side). All Wheels Mfg rear cones are designated right or left.
  • Visually match your cone against our cones.

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Need help measuring your cones? Use our Benchtop Cone and Axle Gauge/Ruler.


Wheels Mfg sells ball bearings in complete bearing retainers or loose ball bearings.

  • Lose Ball Bearings - measure the diameter of one of the balls, count the total number used for each side.
  • Retainer Bearings - remove a ball from the retainer. Measure the diameter of ball. Count the number of balls in each retainer.

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Need help measuring your bearings? Use our Benchtop Bearing Ruler.


All axle spacers are machined aluminum and have a 10.1mm inner diameter.

  • Stack spacers together to get the width you need. If you hub calls for an 8mm spacer, use a 3mm and a 5mm spacer.

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