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GXP Crank Spindle Spacers & Seals


  • All Wheels Mfg bottom brackets come with dust seals and a small selection of crank spindle spacers. Dust seals always fit directly against the bearings. Please reference this page for seal orientation.
  • All Wheels Mfg bottom brackets include two 0.5mm thick, and two 1.0mm thick crank spindle spacers.
  • For most installations, the included spacers will be enough to properly position the cranks in the BB. Some installations may need additional spacers, which can be purchased separately.
  • A few cranksets include stock spacers and/or an adjuster that are too wide when used with Wheels Mfg bottom brackets. If these spacers and/or adjuster cause the bearings to bind, you will need to replace them with a selection of thinner spacers.

Wheels Mfg bottom brackets are replacements of OEM units, and are meant to be used across a wide variety of cranksets. Because of this, exact spacer configuration is impossible to specify for every frame, BB and crank combination. You may need to install and remove the crankset a few times during installation to get your spacing correct. Always refer to your crank manufacturer’s installation notes first, and adjust spacers from there. We recommend performing your initial installation without any spindle spacers on the crank to determine how many spacers to add, and where to add them.

GXP Compatible Crank Spindles

SRAM GXP spindles are unique in that the spindle diameter steps from 24mm to 22mm on the end of the crank spindle. The non-drive side (NDS) bearing has a 22mm ID. When the crank is installed into the bottom bracket, the splined end of the spindle will protrude beyond the bearing about 15mm. Before the left crank arm is installed, the GXP dust seal must be placed up against the bearing. Do not add any spindle spacers and/or wave washer between the NDS bearing and the left crank arm!

GXP Seal

Non-Drive Side - 22mm ID dust seal.

Side with lettering in the black silicone will face the bearing.


For GXP cranks (22mm/24mm), the spindle spacers and/or wave washer will always be positioned between the drive side seal and the crank arm. In most installs, there will be a gap between the right crank arm and the drive side seal. This gap on the crank must be filled up with spindle spacers and/or a wave washer. If adding the wave washer, it should be almost flat once the left crank arm is attached.

GXP Seal

Drive Side - 24mm ID dust seal.

Add spacers and/or wave washer as needed to fill up free space on spindle when left crank arm is attached.