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I'm looking for a new frame and see both BB30 and Pressfit 30 bottom bracket systems. Are they the same thing?

No. BB30 and Pressfit 30 systems do use the same size 6806 sealed bearing, but the bottom bracket dimensions and bearing installation are not the same. Click here for details

I had aluminum adapters and they made creaking noises. Do the Wheels adapters creak too? Would I need to grease them when installing to prevent this?

Our shims are made from engineering grade Delrin. This eliminates the metal-against-metal problem that causes creaking. No grease is required.

The bearings in my BB30 frame make noise when I pedal hard. Any idea why?

If the sealed bearings are not seated firmly in the BB shell, or if the bearings are not correctly aligned they can be noisy and wear out quickly. Have a shop make sure that the bearings are installed correctly. In some cases, it might be necessary to use Loctite (green) to firmly seat the bearings.

I am using the metal adapters that came from Specialized for my SL3 and it is not working as it creaks just days after installing. Metal to metal is a very stupid idea but your adapter is Derlin so I am wanting to buy your adapter but need to know if your

We have never had reports of creaking wtih any of the several variations of BB30 or Pressfit30 BB adapters that we manufacture.

Once installed, how difficult is it to remove the BB30 adapters and what tools are required?

The adapters are easy to remove. They can be removed by inserting a long flat-ended punch (or even an wooden rod) through the bottom bracket and tapping the adapters out from the inside.

Hello Wheels Mfg - I'm using a set of BB30 shims for a SRAM/Quarq chainset in a Specialized frame. Is there any problem if I loctite the shims into the bearings?

It isn't recommended or necessary to loctite the shims or bearings. If the crank is moving side-to-side in the bottom bracket you should install Wheels Mfg. spacers on the crank spindle to eliminate this play.

I know the difference between BB30 and PF30, but I can't figure out why your adapters are different (BB30 vs PF30). What is the difference between the two??

Although the Wheels Mfg. BB30 and PressFit30 adapters look almost identical, the side-to-side dimensions are not the same. This is because the bearings are positioned slightly differently in BB30 and PressFit30 bottom brackets and the cranks will not install correctly for both systems unless specific adapters are used. See our crank/bb compatibility page for more information.

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