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Where can I buy your products online?

bicyclepartsdirect.com is our online provider for consumer sales.

Can I stop buy to purchase products?

Wheels Mfg is a manufacturing company and is not setup for in-person retail sales. If you wish to purchase our products online and pickup locally, you can do that through bicyclepartsdirect.com, or visit a local bike shop in the Louisville, CO area.

Authorized resellers of Wheels Mfg products are always welcome to place orders online and select to pick up orders M-F at our manufacturing facility.

Bottom Brackets

What grease do I use to install my bottom bracket?

For steel or aluminum BB shells, use any quality grease. For titanium shells, an anti-sieze compound is recommended. For carbon shells, pease view this page: Grease for Carbon frames

I have a ______ bike, can you tell me what bottom bracket I need?

We don't have a database of bottom bracket sizes for every frame made. The only way to be 100% certain what BB your frame takes is to either contact the frame manufacturer, or measure the bottom bracket shell. Almost all frames fall into two shell types: threaded and press fit.

We currently offer bottom brackets that fit BSA and T47 threaded shells.

For press fit, we offer bottom brackets for most press fit applications. To identify your press fit shell, measure the inner diameter and the width of the frame BB shell. There are a few manufacturers that have unique shells (like Cannondale BB30A and PF30A).

What's the difference between bearings?

See our Bottom Bracket Bearing page for help in understanding the differences between available bearings.

My BB bearings feel rough, what can I do?

All Wheels Mfg bottom brackets are 100% serviceable. The bearings can be easily replaced with new bearings, or you can clean the bearings without removing them from the cups.

Can I convert your BB from Shimano to SRAM or the other way around?

Yes. The only difference in our BB cups between 24mm (Shimano) and 22/24mm (SRAM GXP) is the non-drive side bearing and outer dust seal. Both bottom brackets use the same 24x37x7 bearing on the drive side with a matching 24mm ID seal. For 24mm (Shimano) cranks, the non-drive side cup uses the same bearing and seal. For 22/24mm (SRAM GXP) cranks, the non-drive side cup uses a 22x37x8 GXP bearing and a matching 22mm ID dust seal.

If changing your bottom bracket to a GXP compatible unit, you will also need to add a 24mm ID wave washer to the drive side between the dust seal and the crank arm.

I can push my BB cup in by hand. Is this normal?

It is not uncommon for BB cups to push in by hand without the need of a press tool. When the cups are fully tightened together, this will keep the BB cups secure in the frame. We see frame BB shell tolerances all over the board from tight to loose. If your frame is loose, you may need to use a tool on each cup to prevent both cups from spinning in the frame when tightening.

Where to put spacers & wave washer with GXP cranks?

GXP crank installations can be confusing if you are not familiar with them. Please see out GXP Seals & Spacers page for help.

Do you have a bottom bracket for a BB86, BB92 and 30mm dia. spindle cranks?

Due to the very small difference in diameters between a 41mm ID BB shell and a 30mm diameter crank, there is not enough room to fit a bearing into a BB cup, and fit that into the BB shell. The only current solution we have is the Enduro dual row, flanged direct fit bearing system. This BB kit will allow you to run a 30mm spindle crankset in a 41mm ID frame BB shell (BB86, BB92, PF92). Note that when used in a 86mm wide shell, the crank's overall spindle length should be at least 104mm.

Where do all the extra spacers that came with my BB go?

  • All Wheels Mfg bottom brackets come with dust seals and a small selection of crank spindle spacers. Dust seals always fit directly against the bearings. Please reference this page for seal orientation.
  • All Wheels Mfg bottom brackets include two 0.5mm thick, and two 1.0mm thick crank spindle spacers.
  • For most installations, the included spacers will be enough to properly position the cranks in the BB. Some installations may need additional spacers, which can be purchased separately.
  • A few cranksets include stock spacers and/or an adjuster that are too wide when used with Wheels Mfg bottom brackets. If these spacers and/or adjuster cause the bearings to bind, you will need to replace them with a selection of thinner spacers.

For GXP cranks, the crank spindle spacers always go on the drive side in combination with the wave washer. Please see out GXP Seals & Spacers page for further assistance.

A few Wheels Mfg bottom brackets come with larger aluminum cup spacers. These are only used as needed to help adjust the chainline of the crankset, or to effectively widen the BB shell when installing cranks with longer spindles than normal. For instance, when using some MTB cranks on a frame with a 68mm wide BB shell, you would use one 2.5mm cups spacer between each cup and the frame.

Where can I find replacement parts?

Replacement parts list for all Wheels Mfg bottom brackets can be found HERE.

Derailleur Hangers

I can't find a hanger for my bike. Can you help?

There are many ways to search for a replacement hanger on our website.Use the Derailleur Hanger menu above to view hangers by brand or number of fasteners. If you don't see the hanger on any of those pages, we don't make it. Please contact an authorized reseller for your bike, or the frame manufacturer directly.

  1. We continually add new hangers to our catalog. Check back frequently for new hangers.
  2. We do not make one-off, or small runs of custom hangers.

My hanger did not come with any screws or fasteners?

Wheels Mfg is no longer providing fasteners with derailleur hangers. Please re-use your existing fastener! If you do need fasteners, please reference our Derailleur Hanger Fastener Chart for suggested compatibility.