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Derailleur Hanger Quick Fit Finder

Hanger Fit Guidelines

  • Wheels Mfg does not have a complete database of every single frame & derailleur hanger combination ever produced.
  • Hanger compatibility is the result of our own research, feedback from our customers and information that manufacturers have shared with us.
  • Our database is constantly being updated with both new and old bike frames.
  • There are currently 9798 frames in our database.
  • Always check the photo of the hanger we recommend against your hanger. If it does not look correct, it will not fit.

Browse Our Derailleur Hangers:

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Still can't find your hanger?

  1. If you don't see the hanger on any of the pages listed above, we don't make it. Please contact an authorized reseller for your bike, or the frame manufacturer directly.
  2. We continually add new hangers to our catalog. Check back frequently for new hangers.
  3. We do not make one-off, or small runs of custom hangers.
  4. We do not supply OE hangers for anyone. If you are told that we supply the original hanger for your bike, that is incorrect.

Hanger Identification and Replacement