BB/PF30 Universal Adapter for 22/24mm Spindle Cranks (SRAM/TruVativ)

Part Number: BBUNIV-SRAM

$28.50 (MSRP)

The BBUNIV-SRAM kit adapts SRAM/Truvativ cranks to virtually any BB/PF30 frame, including mountain bikes, 2x10 systems, narrow-shell road bikes, road triples, etc. For use only with bottom bracket shell widths from 68mm to 83mm.

This kit includes 2 adapter shims and a 15-piece assortment of left and right side spacers.

Simply tap the adapters into the 6806 bearing in the BB shell or cups, then install the cranks using the included spacers to adjust chainline, or to take up any side-to-side movement in the crank.

  • Machined engineering-grade Delrin.


PF30 Outboard Bottom Bracket

Want a simpler solution than using adapters?

Our new outboard bearing bottom bracket solutions allow you to use 24mm and 24/22mm cranks in BB30 and PF30 frames without the need for adapters. We've created a bottom bracket that places the proper size bearings for Shimano, FSA, SRAM, Truvativ and any other 24mm and 24/22mm cranks in a serviceable machined aluminum bottom bracket.

Simplify your setup and upgrade your bottom bracket at the same time!

Precision Machined

BB/PF30 Universal Adapter for 22/24mm (SRAM/Truvativ) Cranks

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BBUNIV-SRAM Adapter Installation

  1. Identify left and right side SRAM adapters:
    - Right side spacers (24mm I.D.) fit on the BB spindle between the right side adapter and the right crank arm.
    - Left side spacers (30mm I.D.) fit between the left side (22mm I.D.) adapter and the BB shell.
  2. Insert the right side adapter into BB30 or PF30 Bottom bracket by hand. Note: BB30 and PF30 dust covers can be removed from the system or left in place. If you choose to use them with the BBUNIV-SRAM, place them between the bearing and the large adapter on the drive side, and between the bearing and 30mm ID spacers on the non-drive side as shown below. The Multi-Shim adapters are designed to rest on the bearing surfaces of the crank spindle. For proper interface, using more than 7.5mm of spacers outboard of the adapters is not recommended. 30mm I.D. spacers can be added to inboard of adapter to adjust chainline. Note: The adapter must be inserted a minimum of 7mm into the bearing for proper interface.
  3. Install the crank, then insert the left side adapter with (1) 10mm spacer and (1) 5mm spacer and seat it all the way down on the crank. If there is side-to-side play, you may need 24 mm spacer(s) on the right side and/or additional 30 mm spacer(s) inserted on the left side adapter. Place the spacers as shown below. Tighten to manufacturer's specification. Crank should spin freely.

BBUNIV-SRAM Install Assembly


To remove 24mm I.D. adapters (right-side SRAM)

  1. Insert the removal tool through the adapter until the tool hooks on inside lip of the adapter.
  2. Twist the outside knurled knob by hand to tighten the remover inside the adapter.
  3. Insert a flat-ended punch or rod through the bottom bracket, and tap the remover and adapter out.


To remove 22mm I.D. adapters (left-side SRAM)

  1. After removing the right side adapter, insert the removal tool through the bottom bracket until it stops against the inside flange of the left adapter.
  2. Tap on the removal tool to remove the adapter.

BBMULTI-SRAM Adapter Installation 1

Insert drive side adapter in bearing.

BBMULTI-SRAM Adapter Installation 2

Insert non-drive side adapter with spacers in bearing.

BB30 Adapter Installation

Seat adapters using a rubber mallet.

BBMULTI-SRAM Adapter Installation 4

Non-drive side adapter with spacers installed.