Bottom Bracket Tech Info

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Downloadable PDF installation instructions for all Wheels Mfg bottom brackets. If you are not familiar with bicycle service, we recommend having your local specialty bike shop install and maintain your new components.

386EVO Threaded Together Bottom Bracket386EVO Thread Together BB

BB30A Threaded Together Bottom BracketBB30A Thread Together BB (BB30A-OUT)

PF30 Bottom BracketPressFit 30 (PF30) Press Together BB

PF30 Threaded Together Bottom BracketPF30 Thread Together BB (PF30-THD)

PF30 Threaded Together Fat Bike BBPF30 Fat Bike Thread Together BB (PF30-FAT)

PF30A Threaded Together Bottom BracketPF30A Thread Together BB (PF30A-OUT)

PF30-OUT Bottom BracketPF30 Outboard Thread Together BB (PF30-OUT)

BB86/92 Bottom BracketBB86/92 Bottom Bracket

BB86 Thread TogetherBB86/92 Thread Together Bottom Bracket

BB30 Outboard Bottom BracketBB30 Outboard Bottom Bracket

Eccentric Bottom BracketEccentric (EBB) Bottom Bracket

BSA Road Bottom BracketThreaded Road Bottom Bracket

BSA MTB Bottom BracketThreaded MTB Bottom Bracket

BSA to 30mm Bottom BracketThreaded BSA to 30mm Bottom Bracket

BBRight Thread TogetherBBRight™ Thread Together BB