We've added a few new tools to support our bottom brackets. These tools are designed specifically for use with Wheels Mfg bottom brackets, but may also be used with other BBs. All tools are made in-house at our facility in Louisville, CO. Stop by booth #14134 at Interbike to see these new tools in person.

Bottom Bracket Wrench

Our very own double-ended bottom bracket wrench designed to fit 16-notch bearing cups with an outside diameter of 44mm as well as 16-notch bearing cups with an outside diameter of 48.5mm. Machined aluminum, anodized red.

Compatible with all current Wheels Mfg bottom brackets with notched cups (PF30-OUT, BB30-OUT, PF30-THD, BB86-OUT, BB86-FAT, PF30-FAT, BBRIGHT-OUT, BB-ROAD, BB-MTB, BB-BSA30, 386EVO-BB).

Wheels Mfg BB Wrench

Universal Bottom Bracket Press

Our do-it-all Universal Bottom Bracket Press. Economical and easy to use, this tool is made up of two machined aluminum handles, 1/2" threaded rod and two machined aluminum drifts. The larger diameter threaded rod resists bending, allowing for the cups to align and press in straight. Each drift is machined with multiple steps to fit common bottom bracket shell and bearing diameters. No more searching for the correct size drifts and parts. Just match up the drift to your frame's BB shell size and your bottom bracket's bearing size and press.

Designed to press in all current Wheels Mfg bottom brackets!

Wheels Mfg Universal BB Press

Professional Universal Bottom Bracket Press

Same basic design and function as the Universal Bottom Bracket Press above, but with larger handles designed for more frequent use. Built to withstand the demanding needs of any repair shop, ace mechanic or picky bike wrench. Includes two Universal BB Drifts. How much bigger are the handles compared to our regular Universal Bottom BRacket Press? See for yourself.


Universal Bottom Bracket Drift

Designed to press all current Wheels Mfg bottom bracket cups in to your frame. This adapter is machined with multiple steps to fit common bottom bracket shell and bearing diameters. Each step is laser etched with the diameter size. Compatible with our Universal Bottom Bracket Presses above, and will also work with our current PRESS-1 and PRESS-4.

Drift can also can be used as a frame bottom bracket shell sizing guide! Need to quickly identify what your frame shell diameter is? Just drop this handy adapter into your frame and match up the step with your shell. Takes the guesswork out of identifying today's bottom bracket standards.

Universal Bottom Bracket Drift