We’ve all been there.  We’ve all been on a group ride, large or small, and someone’s bike is constantly making noise.  Every pedal stroke, every out of the saddle push, every gap bridged, every lung busting climb and the noise gets worse as the intensity rises.  You may have noticed an increase in the amount of unwanted noise in recent seasons, and the same brands of bikes are repeat offenders.  Maybe that rider is you, and you too find it unbearable.   For a few years now, we’ve addressed this issue with our Outboard Style BBs but because of certain tool and crank fitment limitations there were certain set ups that we couldn’t keep quiet……………until now!

We have designed a new plan of attack on the offensive racket from within the peloton, behold the PF30 Threaded BB!

The new PF30-Threaded will give you all of the same benefits as our well-loved Outboard style BBs.  The two halves thread together ensuring the shell stays stable in the frame, increased bearing life, and easy maintenance.  But what does this mean for you, the rider?  It means no noise, smooth operation, and really quick bearing replacement with decreased frequency.  If you use a 30mm spindle crankset in any of the PF30 variants (OSBB Carbon, PF30, BBRIGHT, and 386EVO), then this is the BB for you!