Wheels Mfg is proud to support the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Please help out this great organization by bidding on items currently up for aution as part of this weekend's 2016 QBP Frostbike Expo.

PF30 Threaded

Comments| Posted By N.L. on 10/05/15

Our new PF30 Threaded BB is coming soon.....

Did you know that Wheels Mfg. is now supporting a wide range of events with our new neutral support kit?

Wheels Manufacturing wants to be part of your cycling events and groups too

Find Our Products Near You!

Comments| Posted By jd on 01/09/15

Need to find an item in a hurry? We are now linking with your local bike shop's inventory to help you find our products at your local shop.

Derailleur Hanger Giveaway

Comments| Posted By Chad Dionigi on 12/12/14

Want a chance to win a free derailleur hanger? Enter each week by following us and sharing the giveaway!

Do you have a bicycle co-op in your community? Are you interested in learning more about how to get involved?

Fix Up Your Bike

Comments| Posted By jd on 07/15/14

Fixing up your old bike?

Did you know that Wheels has the bike industry’s best selection the basic repair parts you’ll need to keep your bike running smoothly?

Derailleur Hanger Packages for Events/Promoters

We are offering a limited number of derailleur hanger packages for race and ride support to qualified promoters, race mechanics, and retailers.

Let's Grow Cycling in 2014!

Comments| Posted By Jim Malmgren on 01/10/14

Let's Grow Cycling in 2014!

Here is a call-to-action for all us bike geeks:  This is OUR responsibility!

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