BB30 Adapter for Campagnolo Cranks



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BB30-CAMP adapts Campagnolo Ultra-Torque cranks to BB30-standard frames. This adapter fits over the installed crank bearing so no bearing removal is required for installation.

Note: The design of these adapters includes the use of the Campy bearings factory installed on the crank spindle.

  • Machined engineering-grade Delrin.

  • 48g/pr

Precision Machined


Tech Info


BB30-CAMP Adapter Installation

  1. Confirm that all clips and bearings are properly installed into BB30 bottom bracket shell.
  2. Identify left and right side adapters.
  3. Install the RIGHT adapter into the 6806 bearing on the right (drive-side) of the bottom bracket. Tap into place with a soft-faced mallet.
  4. Install the LEFT adapter into the 6806 bearing on the left side of the bottom bracket. Tap into place with a soft-faced mallet.
  5. Push the right crank with its factory-installed bearing into the right adapter. Tap into place.
  6. Push the left crank with its factory-installed bearing into the left adapter. Align correctly with the right crank and tap into place. NOTE: The wave washer goes between the crank bearing and the left side adapter.
  7. Tighten the Campy Ultra-Torque crank to Campagnolo Specifications.
BB30 Campy drive side adapter

BB30-CAMP adapter over drive-side bearing

BB30 Campy non-drive side adapter

BB30-CAMP non-drive side adapter
(Note placement of wave washer)

BB30 w/Campy crank installed

BB30-CAMP with crank arms installed

BB30 Campy Install Assembly

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